Our aim is to be socially responsible traders working with local business' and charities where possible. We want to have as little impact as possible on our environment whilst maximising our positive impact on our local community.

We are initially doing this through ensuring, as much as is possible, our products are - fair trade or better (our coffee is ethically sourced and priced on quality, so farmers in mostly developing countries who work really hard to produce the best crops don't just earn the same as farmers who do the bare minimum).

Where we can we are using local suppliers, 3 of our main food suppliers are based in Chorlton.  The remainder we source in the North West and our craft supplies and gift range are all from British companies, who also manufacture some or all of their products in the UK.

Our consumables are sourced from VEGWARE, the award winning catering supplier of fully compostable coffee cups and sandwich boxes. All our consumables are recyclable and most can be put in your own composter in your domestic garden.

We use EMERGE RECYCLING, a local charity to support our waste collection although we try and reuse our waste as much as possible in our activities. Our craft workshops and clubs aim to demonstrate how the real art of crafting can be applied to to the principles of reduce, reuse and recycling to produce some stunning decorative items or is just so much more fun bringing a new lease of life to old clothes or junk shop furniture.

We keep our costs as low as possible by using recycled paper, card, magazines and fabric as well as hoping to include individuals on a budget.

We are currently working on our studio, which we are trying to make fully accessible. If you have any additional needs, please contact us and we will try our best to make sure we can meet your requirements.      

two children working

coffee beans

coffee machine