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We have a number of different activities that you can simply drop in and do that include Decopatch, Pottery painting and Mosaics. Lots of fun!

Pottery and Ceramic painting - We have both kiln and non-kiln pottery painting available - the choice is yours. Your chosen item can be touch dry in 20-30 minutes and you or your child can take it home with you on the day! Alternatively, paint a pot or mug and week later it will have been glazed and fired for you to take and enjoy.

We have a range of decorative bisque (pottery that has been fired, but not glazed) that you can decorate with pigment rich, crafters' acrylic paint. If you would like, we can apply a spray glaze to your item. Super value and very popular.

Decopatch is fast becoming our most popular activity with all ages as it has both practical and decorative applications. An adaptation of Decoupage, modernised, and rebranded "Decopatch" by the French company of the same name - it essentially involves the use of beautifully designed, deep dyed papers. The end result is a unique painted effect when the paper is applied in small pieces with the glossy decopatch glue.

Food! We have now launched a delicious Sweet & Savoury Crepe Menu, so why not combine it with a craft of your choice. 

We aim to provide a unique craft experience, that is enjoyable and rewarding. These make a really nice birthday treat or perfect for a memorable occasion for a couple, family or group of friends.

How does it work? You can normally drop in and do activities for both adults and children. At busy times (school holidays and weekends it is best to book and reserve your table). You decide what you want to do/make and we take care of the rest! 

How much? At Craftelicious we try and make everything as simple and consistent as possible, there are no hidden costs and you know exactly what you are paying for. All the items are individually priced and you just add on £3.50 Studio fee for materials.

Stay and Decopatch

  • Choose your blank (all individually priced)
  • Choose your DP paper
  • Enjoy making your unique creation!
How much?
Cost of blank + £3.50
(includes 1 DP paper, use of studio glue, brushes and facilities for 1 activity).

Stay and Paint

  • Choose your blank (all individually priced)
  • Choose your colours
  • Enjoy your activity!

How much?
Cost of blank + £ 3.50
(includes use of studio paints, brushes and facilities for one activity).

Take and Make Kits

  • Choose your blank (all individually priced)
  • Choose your colours 
  • Enjoy your activity or give as the perfect gift!
How much?
Cost of blank + £3.50
(includes everything required to make the item).